Science birthday

Voilà, a weird illustration I made for the Nordic Society Oikos.

NSO is the ecological society of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The society publishes four international journals, each of which is reaching a decade milestone.

Oikos is 70 years old. The Journal of Avian Biology is about to turn 50. Ecography is 40 years old. The Nordic Journal of Botany is turning 40 as well.

This quite clearly adds up to two centuries of scientific publishing. Happy birthday.

Plant antics

Abby McBride

For the latest cover of the journal Oikos, I illustrated a paper about kin selection in plants by Bodil K. Ehlers and Trine Bilde.

Tagline: “Imagine you and your cousin are two plants growing in the same pot. In what conditions would it make sense to cooperate rather than compete?”

I’m not sure if anyone noticed that the cover image for this Swedish publication includes a portrayal of the Scandinavian Ox Dance.