Abby McBride is a sketch biologist and Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow. Like some sort of 21st-century Victorian naturalist, she wanders around the world sketching landscapes and living things and looking for insight into their past, present, and future. She writes and illustrates stories about ecology and conservation.

Photo by Edin Whitehead


After studying biology at Williams College, Abby took the obvious career path and worked on farms in Spain, drew nature illustrations in New York City, manned the helm of a lobster boat in downeast Maine, bird-blogged across the western United States, researched siblicidal boobies on an uninhabited Galapagos island, lifeguarded, taught piano lessons, assisted an invasion ecology textbook revision, and worked as a pastry chef (in roughly that order).

Next she went to MIT for a graduate degree in science writing, wrote for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bowdoin College, developed a communications program for the American Ornithological Society, sketched icebergs in Iceland, babblers in Borneo, and giraffes in Kenya, and somehow ended up bicycling from Pisa to Budapest.

Abby recently returned from a year of sketching seabirds in New Zealand, followed by a year of workshops and talks (as demonstrated below). She is now sketchbiologizing on the coast of Maine, communicating science for the ecological societies of the Nordic region, and planning a bunch of expeditions. For more information, see LinkedIn.