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*with illustrations

National Geographic Society
Stories from the Seabird Capital of the World (2017–2018)*

Sketch Biologist
Adventures of Zee (2016–17)*

Trinity University Press
Essay in Coming of Age at the End of Nature (2016)

Twitter Exclusive!
Meet the Bird Studiers (2016)*
Of Eiders and Islands (2016)*
Long Live the King of the Meadow (2016)*

Living Bird Magazine
Capturing Migration (2016) – plus Facebook stats
Mercury Rising (2013) – plus Facebook stats
Bold and the Bashful (2012)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
75 species profiles, e.g. Canada Jay (2012–15)
Wildlife-Trafficking Bust Highlights Problems (2012)*
New Generation of Digital Ornithologists (2012)*

Bowdoin College
Solving an Earth-Sized Puzzle (2017)
Founding Principles video series (2015)
Bowdoin Academic News articles (2013–15)
Bowdoin Daily Sun articles (2013–15)
Bowdoin Magazine articles (2013–14)

Bangor Daily News
Nature in a Jewel Box (2014)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Don't Call It a Seagull! (2012)*

PLOS Blogs Network
On Paleontologists and Paper Dolls (2011)

Williams College
A Biogeographical Study of Herbaceous Plants in the Forests of Williamstown, MA (2006)

Photo by Otto Whitehead


Worked as communicator for Nordic Society Oikos (February 2019– ).

Presented talks, workshops, and art exhibitions on seabird conservation and sketchbiologizing (2018-19).

Sketched seabirds in New Zealand for nine months while living out of an old station wagon, hitching boat rides to remote islands, and writing stories about seabird conservation as Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow (2017–18).

Sketched geologic features in Iceland for Bowdoin College (June 2017).

Nest-searched, sketched endemic birds, and worked as communicator on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, with research crew from University of Montana (March 2017).

Worked as communicator for American Ornithological Society (2015–17).

Banded songbirds, censused heron nests, resighted terns, and sketched wildlife on Stratton Island, Maine, with Audubon's Project Puffin/Seabird Restoration Program (May 2016).

Sketched plants and megafauna in Kenya (December 2015).

Bicycled and sketched across eastern Europe from Pisa to Budapest (May 2015).

Assisted with one month of Black-tailed Godwit research and conservation in Friesland, Netherlands, for University of Groningen (April 2015).

Sketched wildlife in southeast Asia (January–March 2015).

Worked as communicator for Bowdoin College (2013–15).

Worked as science writer for Cornell Lab of Ornithology (2012).

Did master’s thesis on gull taxonomy in Maine and Massachusetts (2011–12).

Sketched birds in southern Florida and Keys (May 2011).

Spent two field seasons researching breeding Nazca Boobies on Isla Española, Galápagos, for Wake Forest University (2009–10).

Surveyed avian diversity by sight, sound, and mist-net capture at three nature reserves in Ecuador jungle and cloud forest (2009).

Went on a three-month birdblogging roadtrip around the western United States (2008).

Drove a lobsterboat in Bar Harbor, Maine, and sketched coastal wildlife (2007–2008).

Contributed to Project Owlnet, HawkWatch, Christmas Bird Count, and International Migratory Bird Day surveys across North America (2005–08).

Worked on farms and sketched on the Iberian Peninsula (2006).

Did undergraduate thesis on forest community ecology in western Massachusetts (2005–6).

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