Mock bird

When I first noticed him, this mockingbird fledgling was facing straight at me, sitting so still that he looked like an inanimate bird-shaped object. I did a double take and stepped in for a closer look. At that point he retreated into the shrubbery, so he was mostly hidden behind a bunch of leaves while I drew an indistinct sketch on my phone (the only available sketching medium).

The fledgling appeared to be an only child. He whiled away the time by giving harsh calls, possibly to ward me away, interspersed with screechy ones, possibly to keep in touch with the adult mockingbird nearby. Every once in a while he flapped his half-feathered wings to hop awkwardly to a new twig.

Then his parent fluttered into the bushes carrying something bright red and oblong - some kind of food morsel, possibly best left unidentified - and two more screechy voices started up, because apparently the siblings had been perched in there the whole time. Sneaky little things. A feeding frenzy ensued.

Also featured: sewage plant, loudmouthed song sparrow, and a glimpse of Casco Bay.