Jarful of clovers

Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine

There are five to six kinds of clover in this jar, all picked from the same vicinity on the waterfront.

  • The big purple one is (of course) red clover, Trifolium pratense
  • The fluffy one is rabbitfoot clover, T. arvense.
  • The little yellow one is called hop trefoil or low hop cloverT. campestre.
  • The raggedy one on the bottom left, with some brownish flowerlets, is white cloverT. repens.
  • The pink one at 9 o'clock is a species I don't know, or maybe a deviant of one that I do.
  • The weird one on the right with the elongated flower stalk is called white sweet clover, and it's pretty closely related to the others (note the three-parted leaves), but it's actually in a different genus - its Latin name is Melilotus albus.

Guess what! Not a single one of these is native. Well, MAYBE that pink one.